Airport recycling initiative

From Jersey Airport,
19 December 2016

A new recycling initiative is taking-off at Jersey Airport


Ports of Jersey has plans to increase the amount of waste it can recycle across its entire estate. Working closely with the Parish of St Helier a new process has been developed that not only enhances its existing recycling  efforts, which to date have focused primarily on back of house activities, but is seen as a catalyst in moving forward with future 'green' plans to enhance its passenger journey experience while at the same time reduce its overall environmental impact.

As part of an initial 3-month trial, regular waste bins in the landside departures terminal at Jersey Airport have been replaced with dedicated recycling bins, allowing items such as plastics, bottles, cans, metals and paper to be separated from general waste. In the long term, Ports of Jersey plans to introduce enhanced recycling  facilities across all of its sites, including all harbours and airport terminals and has already agreed a contract that will see recycled waste collected at its outlying harbours and delivered to the St Helier recycling facility. In the meantime, in order to monitor the success of the trial, which was launched in early December 2016, departing air passengers are being encouraged to use the range of new recycling bins and asked to provide valuable feedback by emailing     

The Parish of St Helier model was chosen over other options considered as it provides a simple and effective recycling process. Once recycled material has been collected, it will be shipped to recycling plants in nearby Brittany. Furthermore, the recycling process requires minimal effort on the part of the passenger as the waste collected is separated into two streams – plastics, tins and cans in one container, newspapers, cardboard, magazines and paper in another.