Ports of Jersey responds to latest CAA Report on punctuality

From Jersey Airport,
23 May 2018


Monday, 21.05.18 - As follows is a media statement released on behalf of Ports of Jersey in response to data released by the UK CAA relating to delays at UK Airports:

"The CAA regularly compiles and releases statistics for flight reliability in the UK and have included Jersey Airport in this analysis since 2016.

While Ports of Jersey is disappointed to hear these results we must put this data into context and highlight a number of key factors that should be considered in relation to delays that may occur at Jersey Airport.

Delays to air services can occur for a number of reasons, principally operational or technical issues; factors that are beyond the control of Jersey Airport but nevertheless do impact upon its operations.

Jersey is a 'destination' airport, which means the majority of air services to and from the Island originate from another airport. Therefore, if an inbound flight is delayed from the point of origin it will impact upon its return service from Jersey.

As an island, Jersey is susceptible to inclement weather, often with little or no warning, which is beyond our control but once again can impact upon our operations and cause inevitable delays and cancellations to air services.

On average, airlines serving Jersey Airport have an approximate 30-minute 'turnaround' on the stand, during which time its ground handlers must process both inbound and outbound passengers, luggage and sometimes refuelling of the aircraft. Generally, this process is handled well within the turnaround time. However, on occasions delays can occur; as an example numerous passengers on a flight requiring special assistance to board/disembark the aircraft.

Jersey is a featured destination from all other airports listed in the Top 25 of this CAA report, with the exception of Stansted, Bournemouth and Heathrow. Gatwick, for example, is one of the Island's most popular and frequent air services, operating up to 20 sectors a day during peak periods by two airlines. Impacts of any delays from Gatwick or indeed any of the other featured airports will inevitably impact on Jersey significantly.

Along with our airline partners, its appointed agents and our on-site business agencies, we endeavour to ensure that a passenger's journey through Jersey Airport is a smooth and enjoyable experience. However, during periods of disruption and delays to air services we all work closely together to provide support and assistance to affected passengers".