Future Airport - Latest Update

From Jersey Airport,
17 August 2018

In its latest Future Airport project update Ports of Jersey has addressed and responded to some of the design suggestions and questions put forward by members of the public.

Work on the redevelopment programme remains on target to have started by the end of 2018. The £42m major works programme budget is not just focused on the creation of a new integrated two-storey arrivals and departures terminal but will include in due course the relocation of the Airport Rescue & Fire Fighting Service building, improvements to the aircraft stands and taxiways, demolition of the former Jersey hangar as well as the eventual removal of the existing arrivals terminal building.


Preferred contractors who will undertake the major works project have now been identified and will soon be publicly announced. This will then allow the successful company to work closely alongside the project management team in delivering the final design and determining time scales.  


As part of its final design, Ports of Jersey has confirmed a number of new facilities and services in its plans, including the creation of a child's play area in the new airside departures lounge along with a sensory room and multi-faith room. A larger airside departures lounge than the current offering will bring an exciting opportunity for existing concessions to grow and provide new services and products as well as the ability to add new concessions. While offerings are not restricted, Ports of Jersey will give preference to proposals that complement the passenger demographic and enhance the passenger's journey experience.


To fulfil the increasing demand by passengers, consideration is also being given to the creation of a dedicated passenger VIP departure lounge. With a new pay-parking system introduced earlier this year data will be analysed and consideration given to what 'incentives' can be introduced for passengers planning to park at the airport.


The project management team and designers have given consideration to the creation of an exterior terrace that could provide both a viewing option both for travellers and non-travellers. At present the options are not easy to create and have a significant cost implication but recognising that this is a highly desired feature it is something that the team will continue to evaluate in terms of delivering it. Likewise, the creation of a restaurant facility for non-travellers, similar to the former Aviator Restaurant, which ceased trading in July 2009 due to a decline in customer demand has also featured in the feedback. To date the project team has not been able to identify a viable option and at present it does not feature in the final design. However, it is something that Ports of Jersey continues to explore and in the meantime, plan to provide an enhanced food and beverage offering in a landside location, serving both arriving and departing passengers as well as those not travelling.  


Ports of Jersey, working alongside its architects and master planners has commissioned the production of two short 'walk through' concept videos outlining the future departure and arrival experience. These have been  created using images from its 3D modelling of the proposed terminal layout and although full graphics are not shown it will give a clearer indication of what the new terminal layout will look like. The videos can be viewed online on the 'Future Airport' page 


 Group Capital Project Director for Ports of Jersey, Steve Tanner, who is overseeing the overall redevelopment programme, says, "When we first launched this exciting project in late 2017, we wished to actively engage with interested parties and members of the public to seek their valuable feedback and suggestions. We are delighted with the response we have received so far. Now that we are moving into the final stages of the design process we have considered all the suggestions submitted and are now in a better position to update on progress to date, which is now available to view on our website. We hope our latest programme update will provide a better idea and understanding of our decision making process so far and the reasons for our actions. However, this engagement process continues and anyone who would like to make further comments and suggestions can still do so by emailing futureairport@ports.je".


To view the updated progress report and videos please visit the Future Airport page at jerseyairport.com