Preparing for the Festive 'Get-Away' 2018

From Jersey Airport,
17 December 2018

​Just over 27,500 air passengers are expecting to travel in and out of Jersey in the five days leading up to Christmas between Thursday 20 and Monday 24 December 2018.  

With just a few days to go until the Festive 'Get-Away' begins, Ports of Jersey is issuing its annual update and guidance for passengers travelling through Jersey Airport.

As a means of assisting passengers with the latest travel updates, earlier this year Ports of Jersey signed up to the social media initiative, BizTweet. This offers passengers the option of receiving the latest information on their flight, gate number and arrival/departure time to their mobile device by sending pre-configured tweets based on the specific flight the passenger requests. The initiative was 'soft launched' in February 2018 and feedback from those who have used the service has been positive.  To take advantage of the facility passengers simply 'tweet' their flight number to the @JerFlights Twitter account in an agreed format, for example to track a specific easyJet flight 891 simply type in EZY891. In doing so the service will then send up to date details of this flight to the passenger. The service can only be used for same day travel but could also be useful for anyone awaiting an arriving flight into the island, using the same flight number format. BizTweet is already used in a few airports in Australia and the Far East, as well as those with services to Jersey, including London City, Birmingham and Glasgow.     

Air passengers should continue to contact their airline directly before travelling should they have any concerns over what type of goods they are permitted to carry on board an aircraft; in particular, carriage of Christmas Crackers as airline policies can differ. However, no home-made crackers, 'Party Poppers' or any other types of explosive devices are permitted to be carried in the cabin or in the baggage hold by any airline

Wrapped presents must always be carried as part of checked-in luggage while those carried as part of hand baggage must remain unwrapped as they will be subject to a physical search. Similarly, 'Liquid' items, including perfumes, pastes, gels, jams, preserves (e.g. 'Black Butter'), dairy products and lotions must be carried as part of checked-in luggage. However, provided these items are carried in containers that measure less than 100ml they will be permitted in hand-luggage but must be placed in a single, clear re-sealable bag and presented at central security search, where they will be subject to a liquid testing process.

"We issue this timely seasonal advice to passengers as a guide to avoid items being refused carriage and risk being confiscated at security search", says Passengers Services manager for Ports of Jersey, Maria Le Tiec. "Although the majority of air passengers, especially frequent travellers, are fully aware of the restrictions that remain in place and take appropriate measures, there will be some people who unintentionally may have overlooked this, and it is specifically to these people we are reminding. With a high volume of passengers expected in the lead up to Christmas, especially on the most popular routes, travellers should be prepared and allow sufficient time for checking in hold luggage and clearing central security."

Air passengers who require special assistance with their journey, for example, wheelchairs, etc.  must notify their airline at least 48 hours prior to travelling to allow them sufficient time to make arrangements and ensure specific requirements are met. Failure to do so may result in services not being available. In early December Ports of Jersey launched its 'Hidden Disability' pin & lanyard scheme which the traveller can wear as a visual aid to alert staff at the Airport that they may need additional time or consideration as they have a hidden disability. The lanyards and pins can be collected at no charge from the Special Assistance Desk in the Departures Terminal. 

Passengers should also allow sufficient time for their journey through the airport, especially those who have to check-in luggage. Enhanced technology now allows Ports of Jersey to track travel peaks in the check-in and security search areas, ensuring sufficient resources and services are available during busy times of the day and drastically reducing waiting times and queues. However, passengers are reminded it is their own responsibility to ensure they arrive at their departure gate on time as failure to do so before the gate closes will result in them being refused boarding. 

 In summary, Ports of Jersey is reminding air passengers of the following:

  • Biz Tweet online facility can update you on the status of your flight by sending it directly to your mobile device
  • All presents carried in hand luggage must remain unwrapped as they are subject to a security search
  • If you are considering carrying Christmas Crackers, you must contact your airline in advance to receive approval as airline policies for the carriage of crackers can differ
  • Any liquids carried in hand luggage must be in containers that measure less than 100ml or the goods will be confiscated
  • Special assistance at the Airport and/or on board the aircraft must be booked at least 48 hours in advance directly with your airline
  • Please allow plenty of time for checking-in and do not leave it until the last moment. Failure to arrive at your departure gate on time will result in you being refused boarding

Helpful advice for air travellers can be found online at