Festive Advice for Air Travellers

From Jersey Airport,
07 December 2017

With just over a week to go until the festive 'Get-Away' begins, Ports of Jersey is once again reminding its air passengers to contact their airline before travelling should they have questions or concerns over what goods they are permitted to carry on board the aircraft; in particular, any wrapped presents must be carried within checked-in hold luggage while those carried as part of hand baggage must remain unwrapped as they will be subject to a physical search.

'Liquid' items, including perfumes, pastes, gels, jams, preserves such as 'Black Butter', dairy products and lotions must be carried as part of checked-in luggage. However, provided these items are carried in containers measuring less than 100ml they will be permitted in hand-luggage but must be placed in a single, clear re-sealable bag and presented at central security search, where they will be subject to a liquid testing process.

Ports of Jersey issues this timely seasonal advice to passengers so as to avoid items being refused carriage at security search. On behalf of Ports of Jersey, Passenger Services Manager, Maria Le Tiec, says, "It's inevitable that coming up to this time of year passengers are likely to be travelling with a higher than usual number of gifts and we want their journey to be as smooth and as comfortable as possible. Stringent security measures at airports, which were introduced globally some years ago remain in place, even during the festive period. Although the majority of air passengers, especially frequent travellers, are fully aware of the restrictions and take appropriate measures, there will be some who unintentionally may have overlooked these measures. Therefore, by providing our customers with this timely reminder  we hope it will decrease the risk of having items confiscated at central security search."

Air passengers who are considering carrying Christmas Crackers should contact their airline before travelling to enquire whether they will be permitted on-board, as policies can differ. However, no home-made crackers, 'Party Poppers' or any other types of explosive devices are permitted to be carried in the cabin or in the baggage hold by any airline.

Items that currently carry restrictions can be viewed on the 'Safety & Security Requirements' page online at jerseyairport.com. However, the advice to any passenger with specific queries as to what they are permitted to carry is to contact their individual airline for clarification before setting off to the airport.