Essential maintenance work on Instrument Landing System

From Jersey Airport,
22 November 2017

Essential maintenance work is due to be carried out on Jersey Airport's Instrument Landing System (ILS) serving the easterly runway approach over St Ouen's Bay. The current ILS System, which is an essential piece of equipment used to provide aircraft with vertical and horizontal guidance during approach and landing is over 10 years old and due for replacement in 2019. In order to ensure that the ILS continues to operate effectively until its replacement, a programme of maintenance work is now essential to prevent failures occurring.  

The maintenance work, which is due to commence on Monday 27 November 2017 will take up to four days to complete. During this time, the ILS system will be taken out of service and assistance will instead be provided by alternative navigation and satellite based systems. Airline partners have been fully briefed on the details of the programme. There will be no change or impact to the normal flight schedule during the work although there is some risk of increased disruption during any periods of low visibility.    

In line with all its investments, Ports of Jersey is funding the £60k budgeted maintenance work and the future replacement of the ILS in 2019 from its commercial returns and not through government support.

Ports of Jersey has specifically chosen to undertake the work at the end of November as it is outside of the main holiday season, including half-term and will be completed prior to the Christmas holiday period.