New Public Footpath Opens

From Jersey Airport,
10 May 2017

A new public footpath created on the northern end of the Airport's runway in St Peter will be officially opened today, Wednesday 10 May 2017 by children from the Parish's two schools, St George's and St Peter.

It will mark the culmination of a 4-year redevelopment project, undertaken by Ports of Jersey, working in association with the Parish authorities to alleviate safety concerns and obstacles around the airfield.

The £1.5m project, which was funded entirely by Ports of Jersey, with no government funding has involved:

  • The purchase and subsequent demolition of two bungalows, Bylands and Newholme, which were deemed by the UK Civil Aviation as major obstructions to the runway and therefore airfield safety;
  • Rue Rose, the road running alongside the northern part of the airfield was transferred from the Parish to Ports of Jersey to enable re-profiling of the land to create a 3-metre wider public footpath;
  • As 'recompense' the Parish negotiated the provision of two new sections of footpaths to the north of Rue Rose to enable safer pedestrian access, in particular for those children attending St Peter's School;
  • Two adjacent fields to Rue Rose, while owned by Ports of Jersey, have been leased to the Parish of St Peter for a future public amenity and use by the Parish.

On behalf of Ports of Jersey, Airport Director Stephen Driscoll, says, "We are pleased to see the culmination of this important redevelopment project. Not only have we now addressed the safety issues surrounding this part of the airfield, but the removal of traffic now makes it safer for members of the public, and in particular those that want a better view of the airfield to do so without the risk of cars and other vehicles".


A direction plaque will be unveiled by the Constable of the Parish, Mr John Refault, at the southern end of Rue de L'Hermittee, which is approximately half way between both sections on the footpath at approximately 1005. This will also be attended by representatives from Ports of Jersey.