Enhancing the security search process at Jersey Airport

From Jersey Airport,
13 July 2017

Ports of Jersey is taking steps to implement a range of enhancements aimed at improving the security screening process at the Airport as part of its wider programme responding to passenger feedback. 

The programme of works includes increasing the space for passengers preparing for security and those repacking bags, relocating the X-ray machines and removal of the exit screens into the airside lounge. There will also be a dedicated security lane for passengers who require special assistance and a reconfiguration of the security lanes to ensure a smoother transit process.

Although Ports of Jersey is confident these enhancements will alleviate many of the anxieties experienced by departing passengers it is asking for their support and co-operation to achieve a smooth screening process.

The current restrictions that apply to liquids and other items in hand luggage have been in place for more than 10 years. However, many passengers appear to be unaware of, or simply fail to comply with, these restrictions, which leads to delays at security along with subsequent confiscation of prohibited items.

Already in 2017, security agents at Jersey Airport have confiscated almost 7,000 over-sized bottles along with in excess of 1,000 prohibited items, including knives, all of which has had a significant impact on how quickly passengers have been able to get through security.  

Airlines are also reminding departing passengers to allow more time than usual when travelling through the Airport during busy periods, especially on summer Saturdays. In particular Jersey residents who may travel through the Airport frequently and not check-in and access security until the last moment during quieter times of the year are reminded to allow extra time than usual during these busy times. It is the passenger's responsibility to reach the departure gate on time and failure to do so will result in permission to board being denied. An increase in air services during the summer leads to larger numbers of passengers travelling with queues inevitably forming.

Work on the new security layout will be phased over the coming weeks at quieter times of the day to cause minimum, if any, disruption to passengers. 

This latest enhancement is just one of a number of new initiatives launched by Ports of Jersey in recent months as a result of feedback received from its passengers and airport users.