New Aircraft Hangars at Jersey Airport - media statement issued

From Jersey Airport,
30 August 2018

As follows is a statement from Group CEO for Ports of Jersey, Doug Bannister, relating to the recent decision by the Minister for Planning & Environment to uphold earlier planning approval for the construction of three new hangars at Jersey Airport, which were the subject of an appeal:

"We are pleased that the planning committee's earlier decision to grant approval has been upheld, which allows us to progress with our exciting plans. This project will bring much needed capacity to service customer demands in the corporate aviation sector. As a business it will enable Ports of Jersey to deliver increased value and return from our assets as well as providing a showcase project for the corporate aviation industry in Jersey, attracting greater interest in our developments."


Ports of Jersey plans to invest up to £10m in what is one of its most significant landmark projects to date.

Manufacture of the three new hangars, which will be located on the western part of the airfield is to be undertaken by renowned Canadian company Sprung. Following a comprehensive review of a variety of hangars options, Ports of Jersey selected Sprung produced ones as not only have they been well tested to withstand harsh weather and climate conditions but if necessary, due to their versatile structure, are designed to be easily relocatable and, if required, reconfigurable.

Following concerns raised at an earlier planning meeting in February 2018, Ports of Jersey was asked to provide further evidence from acoustic experts in relation to potential noise contours on the surrounding environment.

To address these concerns Ports of Jersey has committed to creating new grass banks and acoustic fence to reduce noise levels as well as landscape the area to enhance the nearby environment. However, a subsequent appeal was lodged against the original planning agreement, which, following an independent Inspector's report was dismissed by the Minster for Planning & Environment on Thursday 23.08.18 

Now that planning approval has been granted final negotiations with the preferred contractor can continue and Ports of Jersey can submit for Building Bylaw approval. Work is therefore, expected to commence in early 2019.

The three new hangars will be located on the western part of the airfield