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What is Corporate Social Responsibility

In simple terms, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) demonstrates a company's sense of responsibility and commitment towards the community and environment in which it operates

Why is CSR Important to Ports of Jersey?

At Ports of Jersey, we are committed to making a positive difference to island life and our CSR demonstrates this commitment. Our organisation goes beyond providing lifeline services, including the movement of people and freight in and out of Jersey; as a major Channel Islands business we hold a prominent position in the community. Our key aims to be self-funding and sustainable, are underpinned by our committed to making a positive difference in the Community and to protect our Environment. 

CSR is not new to Ports of Jersey. Over the years we have implemented a number of initiatives, showing our commitment and support to the Island's community. However, as the organisation moves forward to a new way of working, this is our opportunity to showcase what we have achieved in the past, what we are currently committed to and significantly what we can achieve in the future.

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