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Friday 15.07.16

Media Release: Master Plan for Jersey Airport Launched

Ports of Jersey has launched its Master Plan for Jersey Airport.  

In a series of briefings this week with interested parties, including a number of airport based business partners, Group CEO for Ports of Jersey, Doug Bannister has outlined the company's plans for the future investment in Jersey Airport, which will see the removal of airfield obstacles, construction of a new arrivals facility, relocation of the airport fire service and improvements to the passenger pier.

The first stage of the major project, which is due to take between 5 and 10 years to complete, will, subject to planning approval, see preparatory work started by the end of 2016. This initial work will include construction of a temporary arrivals facility, which will remain in place to allow for the removal of the existing building and construction of a new one.  It will also require a realignment of the roadways and parking layout in this area. 

Planning permission was given in March 2014 for the removal of the current arrivals building, part of which dates back to 1937, as it impedes on the safety and operational capabilities of the Airport and must be demolished in order to comply with licensing conditions to the current safety standards of operations. 

Although still at the initial design stage and with contractors yet to be appointed, a number of 'concept images' have been produced, which illustrate how the area could be enhanced while taking into consideration many of the regulatory aspects that need to be addressed, including the creation of a 30-metre aviation security 'stand-off' zone, which means vehicles cannot be in close proximity to either the arrivals and departures terminal buildings.  

While detailed specifications and plans are still to be drawn up, the concept images also include how a proposed new arrivals building, which will be constructed closer to the departures terminal, eliminating a significant obstacle, could potentially be similar in its 'art deco' style to that of the current building. It is envisaged that as well as having a larger overall floor space to accommodate more commercial business operators the building could also offer meeting rooms and offices as well as a restaurant and viewing area overlooking the taxiway and runway. It is not yet known if such concepts will be commercially viable but Ports of Jersey has received a lot of feedback over the past five years highlighting the nostalgia and attractiveness of such concepts. These will be developed further through the detailed planning process.

The passenger pier is also due to be refurbished as part of the overall programme and this may include an expansion and creation of larger open plan departure 'gates' to accommodate the increasing capacity now available on larger aircrafts. This will also open up further retail and catering opportunities and Ports of Jersey looks to expand its offering beyond what is currently offered.

Another of the identified 'obstacles' in the critical zone that needs to be addressed is the current Airport Rescue & Fire Fighting building and the old Jersey Hangar, which until recently was home to Airport Engineering. In order to clear the area of these airfield obstacles these buildings will also be removed. The Fire Crew facility is likely to be brought nearer to the new arrivals building.

As a means of engaging with those interested in the project, a dedicated 'Airport Master Plan' section is being created on Jersey Airport's website and Ports of Jersey encourages anyone with a specific question or issue that has not been addressed on the site to email

Group CEO, Doug Bannister, says: "This is the start of an exciting new era at Jersey Airport as it enters its 80th year in 2017. As an organisation we acknowledge the need to make these necessary safety improvements if we are to remain operationally compliant but at the same time it allows us the opportunity to invest in the future and create an airport that everyone can be proud of".
As well as regular updates on the airport's website, Ports of Jersey will soon be holding a series of public drop-in sessions, open to anyone interested in the project for an update and explanation. These sessions will be scheduled after the summer break when the Group CEO for Ports of Jersey together with members of the project management team will be available to talk through the initial plans and ideas with members of the public.

Mr Bannister continues: "Having taken into consideration our regulatory requirements, growth opportunities and travel trends as well as valuable customer feedback, we have developed a Master Plan for Jersey Airport that provides a positive direction for the future. We don't have all the details as yet and these will come from the individual projects as we develop the plans further but we are progressing with our plans and are engaging fully with our stakeholders at an early stage of the process".

As with all investment over the past five years, Ports of Jersey is not seeking government support in the funding of these developments but investments will be made instead from its commercial returns. The investment profile is consistent with its Long Term Capital Programme, but the actual phasing will be pursuant to cash flows during the next 5 to 10 years and estimated to be up to £65 million.

In 2015, Jersey Airport welcomed in excess of 1.5m passengers and in summer 2016, it will be served from 40 departure airports across the UK and mainland Europe.