Airport Masterplan

Introduction by Group CEO

This is the start of an exciting new era at Jersey Airport as it enters its 80th year in 2017. As an organisation Ports of Jersey acknowledges the need to make these necessary safety improvements if we are to remain operationally compliant but at the same time it allows us the opportunity to invest in the future and create an airport that everyone can be proud of. Having taken into consideration our regulatory requirements, growth opportunities and travel trends as well as valuable customer feedback, we have developed a Master Plan for Jersey Airport that provides a positive direction for the future. We don’t have all the details as yet and these will come from the individual projects as we develop the plans further but we are progressing with our plans and are engaging fully with our stakeholders at an early stage of the process. We have created these dedicated pages as a means of engaging with you, our customers and will regularly update and inform as the project progresses. 

Thank you for your interest

Doug Bannister
Group CEO, Ports of Jersey
July 2016