Airport Forecourt Project


The UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and Department of Transport requires Ports of Jersey to implement a 30-metre ‘no traffic’ exclusion zone to bring it in line with other airports, which are part of the ‘Common Travel Area’ within the UK. This stems from the terrorist attack at Glasgow Airport in 2007 when a vehicle attempted to access the passenger terminal building laden with explosives with the intention of detonating them. Despite legislation coming into force soon after, Ports of Jersey has had, to date, exemption based on a clear commitment that this would be implemented as part of its Future Airport redevelopment plans.

Failure to implement this exclusion zone and comply with these security requirements agreed would result in the Director of Civil Aviation issuing a non-conformance against Ports of Jersey, which could have a reputational impact on its future working relationships with airlines and business partners.  

In recent months Ports of Jersey has been developing its forecourt realignment plans and is now in discussion with road transport providers, including taxi, public bus, hire car and private coach operators, outlining its options and the impact these changes to the road layout at Jersey Airport may have upon future operations.

Some of the options being considered include:

·         The creation of designated pick-up and drop-off zones for road transport providers outside the 30-metre zone, although in phase one of the project bus and taxi pick-up points outside the existing arrivals terminal will remain unchanged;

·         The possibility of a free period of car parking for picking up and dropping off passengers;

·         Seating in the plaza area together with covered access routes between the terminal and drop off points;

·         Improved external lighting for the car park, bus and taxi drop-off/pick-up points;

·         Installation of external display screens with ‘real time’ passenger information for the plaza and bus stop.

Subject to planning permissions and Ports of Jersey Board approval, work on the revised layout is expected to commence in autumn 2019 and be completed over the quieter winter period in readiness for the 2020 summer season. The work is being phased in stages to adapt to the overall Future Airport Redevelopment programme, which will see the creation of an integrated arrivals and departures terminal. It is hoped that work on the Future Airport project will recommence before the end of 2019.

Further updates will be posted on this site and anyone who has a specific question, comment or query can get in touch by emailing

Q & A 

Q. Is funding for this aspect of the project separate to the £42m allocated to the Future Airport project?
A.  No. The original budget included an element to address security requirements during the reconfiguration of the terminal

Q. What impact will these future changes have on passengers/airport users?
A. The proposed plans allow for bespoke drop-off and pick-up points for public transport providers and taxi operators.  Public vehicles will use the car park where drop-off and pick-up points will be provided. There is likely to be a period of 'free parking' in the car park to facilitate this

Q. Does that mean that the 'Pit Stop', which currently allows up to 10-minutes to pick up/drop off passengers at no charge will no longer be offered?
A. Public vehicles can use the car park to drop off and pick up passengers, which is likely to offer a period of 'free parking' to facilitate this

Q. What about pre-booked cabs?
A. The intention will be to allow pre-booked cab operators to use the designated drop-off/pick-up points used by the bus, private coach and taxi operators

Q. What arrangements will be put in place for elderly passengers or those with mobility issues?
A. Public transport, private coaches and taxi operator pick-up and drop-off points will be allowed within the 30-metre zone. The distance between these points and the check-in/arrivals will be less than 50 metres.  Ports of jersey intends to provide wheel chair storage in these locations, as well as at the car park drop-off zone.  In addition, the feasibility of installing covered walkway areas between the pick-up/drop off points and the terminal buildings is also being considered.  

Q. Will you be providing any taxi/bus shelters for days when inclement weather?
A. Yes. Where appropriate, we are also looking to provide 'Real Time' Information boards on bus service times

Q. Will any access be given to vehicles on the forecourt – for example, emergency vehicles?
A. Emergency vehicles will be allowed to access the forecourt area and in certain circumstances, controlled access will be provided for public transport and taxi operators, as well as deliveries to the terminal from known suppliers


Q. Do you plan to make any changes to the existing car parks? Will there be short term/long term options, and will any parking deals be offered?
A. All parking will be in the main car park and we are currently considering a free parking period to allow for drop-off/pick up of passengers. Ports of Jersey is still considering future opportunities for longer stay parking 'deals'.


Q. What about deliveries to retail and catering outlets? How will they access the delivery area if the forecourt restrictions are in place?
A. There will be no change to the deliveries to the terminal and this is being discussed with business partners and their supply chains


Q. What are your long-term plans for the newly created 'forecourt' area in front of the terminal building?
A. The design has not yet been finalised, but the intention is to develop an open pedestrian plaza in front of the terminal building with potential pop-up outlets, seating and public art. We would welcome the public's input into this aspect that will allow for a greater community use of the space that will be created. 

Q. What will happen to the glass pyramid sculpture? Will that be removed/relocated?
A. The intention is to incorporate the existing glass pyramid sculpture in the reconfigured forecourt area.

Q. In your current proposals, you plan to demolish Alares House and the Jersey Hangar. Why?
A. Alares House is located where we need to provide a route for the 'Arrivals' pick-up zone to allow us to remove vehicles away from the front of the terminal building.  The building now only accommodates Ports of Jersey staff who will be relocated to other buildings on our estate as we rationalise our office space usage.  The Jersey Hangar is a life expired structure that is beyond economic sense to maintain and repair.  The few remaining tenants within this building are in accommodation that is not fit for purpose and Ports of Jersey is investing in new accommodation for these tenants elsewhere on the airport site.

Q. Why are you considering installing another roundabout?
A. The option of an additional roundabout will allow for easier traffic flow at the site


Q. You've stated that you will have to get planning permission to undertake this proposed work. Isn't that likely to take a long time and therefore a risk to delaying the plans?
A. Ports of Jersey has been discussing the proposals with the Planning Department as part of a pre-application process.  Once the engagement sessions are completed and feedback has been reviewed, amendments to the proposals will be made, where necessary prior to submitting an official planning application for the works.  We anticipate that our application will be reviewed, and a decision made by the Planning Department within the usual published period of the Planning Department. 

Q. What will happen if planning permission is refused?
A. Ports of Jersey is hopeful that the combination of the pre-application discussions with the Planning Department and the engagement sessions will allow it to submit an application that can be approved by the Planning Department


Q. What about the existing staff car parking arrangements? Will these be compromised due to the proposed redevelopment?
A. There is no anticipated effect on staff parking facilities. 


Q. When does Ports of Jersey plan to restart delayed work on the new terminal buildings?
A. We will be communicating this in the coming weeks; a decision on this is subject to the outcome of the review by CICRA as we indicated in our decision in January 2019 to pause the work.  We are anticipating clarity on this from CICRA by end of June 2019 as previously indicated.  We are keen to proceed with this project as soon as possible.

Q. Therefore, if you get the go-ahead to restart the project it means we could see major work taking place on two projects at the same time. Would you not consider staggering so it's not an inconvenience to passengers?
A. There could be two projects running at the same time, but the initial phasing of the terminal works is unlikely to impact the forecourt area and we are looking at the phasing to minimise the disruption on passengers and their experience travelling through Jersey Airport. However, given the scale of investment Ports of Jersey is planning at the airport and the fundamental changes that will happen to the building and forecourt, it will be impossible to avoid any disruption completely.