Advertising at Jersey Airport

Whether it is to promote a specific event or festival, product, service or simply as a means to strengthen brand awareness, Ports of Jersey offers a mix of advertising, sponsorship and promotional opportunities at Jersey Airport in high profile locations and target publications – guaranteeing the maximum exposure to a captive travelling audience.

Jersey Airport handles in excess of 1.7 million passengers per year and the peak summer period between May and September sees up to 32 destinations served across the British Isles and mainland Europe.

There are several prime advertising locations, throughout the Departures and Arrivals Terminal, including the check-in area, baggage reclaim, passenger pier, airside departure gates and other public walkways.

Opportunities include:

  • Illuminated banner sites for both short and long term advertising;
  • Exterior banner advertising sites;
  • Double sided glass door and pier walkways displays;
  • Floor graphics;
  • LCD screens;
  • Baggage trolleys;
  • Exterior railing panels.

For further information and to discuss in more detail, please contact the official appointed agency Shooht, who oversee all our advertising and promotional opportunities across the ports.

Contact: Matt Crane, Sales, Marketing & Creative Director
Tel: 07797 725 479 or (01534) 811029