Concept Images

While detailed specifications and plans are still to be drawn up, the following concept images illustrate how an integrated airport terminal could enhance the overall journey experience.  

The major works programme will see an extension to the existing departures terminal building with the construction of a mezzanine floor to create a new central security search area and airside departures lounge. Access to this 2,300 square-metre extension from the ground floor check-in area will be via lifts, escalators and stairs to the atrium. This will lead into a bright and spacious open plan retail and catering offering with seating directly overlooking the aircraft stands. The first stage of the works project will also see the construction of four new departure gates in the existing passenger pier. Future improvements could see the creation of similar gates along the remaining part of the passenger pier.

The new arrivals facility, including baggage reclaim together with customs and immigration will be created on the ground floor of the existing terminal, which currently sites the airside departures lounge

These will be developed further through the detailed planning process. 

Please note these are concept designs only.

Concept Image: South elevation view of airport exterior

Concept Image: South elevation view of airport exterior

Concept Image: North elevation view of airport exterior

Concept Image: Check-in area leading passengers to mezzanine area by lift, escalator or staircase to central security search and
airside departures lounge

Concept Image: Approach to central security search, including preparation area

Concept Image: The new 2,300 square-metre mezzanine benefits from natural light 

Concept Image: The new airside departures lounge boasts a range of retail and catering offerings 

Concept Image: Access to the ground floor departure gates and passenger pier is via escalator, lift or staircase 

Concept Image: The first floor airside lounge will provide plenty of seating, with views over the aircraft stands and runway

Concept Image: The new baggage reclaim area on the ground floor will lead into the arrivals terminal (which will be relocated to
the existing airside departures lounge)

Concept Image: Exterior view of the airport terminal at dusk