FAQs - Arrivals Terminal

The existing 'arrivals' building core was opened in 1937. However, significant additions and alterations to the original site have been added over subsequent decades meaning very little remains of the original building, which was constructed using a steel frame and poured concrete process. It is representative of an 'art deco' style of early aviation history, with similar representations in the UK, including Shoreham/Brighton, Birmingham and Liverpool.

Between October 2011 and July 2012 demolition was carried out on the top two floors of the arrivals building, which had previously housed the former air traffic control room prior to its relocation to a new on-site facility as well as the Aviator Restaurant, which due to lack of business had closed some years previously. The removal of these floors also saw the clearing of substantial asbestos from this area. 

The arrivals terminal building and nearby Jersey Hangar and Fire Service station are deemed to be 'obstacles', compromising the safe operation of flights in and out of Jersey Airport and must be removed. Planning permission was granted in February 2014 to remove the current arrivals building.

One of the first key phases of the project to be addressed in 2020 will include the realignment of the current arrivals process, which will involve the part removal of the existing arrivals terminal to create space for the contractors to access the passenger pier and establish a works compound. Part of the building will be retained to create a temporary arrivals' facility. The removal of the arrivals’ building will be carried out by Jersey-based demolition specialists, DB Cummins and is expected to start in April 2020 and be completed by August 2020.     


As of January 2020

Q. What impact will this 'temporary' facility have on arriving passengers
A. Between now and April 2020 the existing arrival corridor and airside baggage reclaim area with its facilities will remain unaffected and passengers will continue to use these in the normal way. However, there will be an alternative exit route into the meet & greet area, which is scheduled to be fully operational in March 2020.  Customs & Immigration presence will remain in place and its airside facilities will be unaffected. In April, when work starts on the new passenger pier, arriving passengers will then use a newly created corridor to access the existing baggage area.

Q. What impact will this have on the public in the landside arrivals terminal?
A. Part of the existing arrivals terminal will be retained until the completion of the new arrivals' facility and essential services and facilities will still be available, including aircraft display screens, tour operator desks, parking payment machines, telephones, seating and unisex toilets. Although the existing café area will be removed there will be a provision for vending machines? Due to space requirements, the children's play area will be removed but will be incorporated into the new integrated terminal in due course.

Q. Where will the hire car locations be and what will be the process for arriving passengers to pick up hire cars?
A. The actual process for booking and collecting a rental car will remain unchanged. However, we are currently under discussion with our hire car operators, including Europcar, Hertz and Avis to temporarily relocate them to dedicated desks in the departures' terminal until such time as a new dedicated hire car facility is constructed as part of the Airport Forecourt project.

Q. What will happen to the current café facilities?
A. The existing café is in the area designated for future removal so will be closed and removed. However, some form of temporary measure will be retained offering a variety of drinks and snacks. The café facilities in the departures' terminal will remain as an alternative

Q. What will happen to toilet facilities?

A. Toilets in the airside baggage reclaim will remain unaffected and those in the landside arrivals area will become unisex with a provision for baby changing facilities. The disabled toilets in this area will also be retained.  

Q. What will happen to the Children's Play Zone?
A. Due to space requirements the children's play area will be removed but will eventually be incorporated into the new airside departures terminal.

Q. Will the glass canopy in front of the arrivals building be retained?
A. The glass canopy will be removed but the existing doorway will be retained and become the principle exit from the temporary arrivals' terminal

Q. How will people access the arrivals terminal?

A. Public access to the arrivals' terminal will be created using an existing entrance and will be clearly marked.

Q. Where will other services such as pay card machines/telephones, display screens. ATM and photo booth be relocated?

A. All these existing services will be relocated to the temporary arrivals building. The existing ATM in the airside departures' terminal will also be retained for the use of departing passengers.

Q. Will there continue to be advertising and promotional material in the temporary arrivals' terminal?

A. Advertisers in the airside baggage reclaim area will be unaffected at this time. However, the small number of existing advertisers are being offered alternative sites in the temporary building.

Q. Where will tour operators be located?

A. An area is being set aside in the temporary arrivals' terminal to accommodate Tour Operator desks.  

Q. Will there be sufficient signage in the temporary building to assist people unfamiliar with the layout?

A. Yes, appropriate and adequate signage will be in place to assist passengers who are unfamiliar with the temporary facility.

Q. What likely noise level is expected – will this affect passengers?

A. Without doubt there will be some noise during the period when the bulk of the arrivals' terminal is removed. However, until April 2020 the journey process for arriving passengers will be largely unaffected although there will be an alternative exit from the baggage reclaim area.

Q. Where will the smoking area be relocated to?
A. The existing smoking area by the arrivals' terminal will be removed as it is currently located in the area earmarked for removal. However, an alternative dedicated outdoor smoking area will be provided. 

Q. What arrangements are being put in place for taxis?
A. Public taxis will operate from its existing location. Private taxi drivers will continue to meet arriving passengers inside the arrivals' terminal with vehicles parked in the current area in arrivals car park.

Q. Will the arrivals car park still be in use?

A. Yes, but this will only be short-term until the redevelopment of the forecourt area gets underway. Some of the parking spaces may be removed to allow for the contractors to have access to its airside compound and to allow for removal of the arrivals building. When the new forecourt is finished there will be no public parking in this area.