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We are actively encouraging ideas and suggestions from the public to help shape our final design of Jersey Airport. If you have an idea you would like to share with us please email or if you happen to be travelling and you capture an image of something that you believe might suit our future airport then please send it to any of our social media channels - don't forget to hashtag us #futureairport


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If you have a specific question then please email - responses to these can be viewed here

Ports of Jersey reserves the right to respond directly to a question posed of us with publishing on the page 


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As follows are some of the ideas/comments received so far. Please note that Ports of Jersey reserves the right to modify/edit suggestions, which may contain profanity and/or likely to cause offence to others. 

"Please ensure that there is a place for Jerriais in your new design....." TP
Thank you for your feedback. We have passed your suggestion to our design team for considertion in the final detailed plan

"Just read your plans for the airport and they look really good. Just one little change I would make. Is put a smoking area after security". JG
We have been considering this, including specially designed smoking booths as used in some other airports.  At the moment we have not reached a final decision and unfortunately the smoking booths may not be legal under Jersey smoking law.

"Please consider including a large soft play area in both arrivals and departures – perhaps a kids zone with TV playing kids programs, activity tables and soft play. Most airports now do this and if you include one in arrivals, locals not travelling will continue to use it and pay to park and for drinks etc." KJ
A children's play zone has been included in the design of the new airside departures area. At present, we do not have plans for a landside play area although the existing play area in the arrivals terminal will remain in place at this stage

"I am in favour of almost all of the revised plans. Great. Only one point gave me cause for concern, which is a mention of a multi-storey car park.
Other airports do have them- and are a horrible 'first sight' as you walk out of their Arrivals. In both Southampton and Liverpool, the first thing you face is a concrete multi-storey car park.
Somehow we need to retain a large open car park and palm trees. Many passengers look up at the sky (occasionally blue!)  and appreciate some space- after travelling through enclosed airports. Please bear in mind a multi-storey car park may be the one thing that then ruins a very good, new airport." AJ
No decision on the creation of a multi-story car park has been made as yet. If thi project goes ahead in the future it will be created in keeping with its surroundings

"As an avid visitor to Jersey I total agree that the airport does need updating has it is looking a little tired. I do think the plan is a great idea and the layout looks and feel excellent. 
Given that future are to perhaps have a multi story car park connecting to the terminal would it not perhaps be a good idea to incorporate the Fire Service and Hire Car Companies into this" TW
No decision on the creation of a multi-story car park has been made as yet. If thi project goes ahead in the future it will be created in keeping with its surroundings


"Outdoor viewing area for the public, children's play area air and landside, independent airport lounge, Boots or similar (not just a little section in WHSmiths)"  SM
Thank you for your comments. These suggestions are being considered by our Project Team. Some of them, including children play area and airport lounges are being pursued, some of the others are still under consideration

"Perhaps you can have covered flights of steps from the plane to the ground as in most airports... The uncovered steps seems very old fashioned"  
We are also examining possibilities to provide improved access to/from the aircraft during inclement weather.   


"When designing the layout of the security search area of the planned new airport would you please incorporate the appropriate equipment to scan people with a pacemaker. Many people living in Jersey have pacemakers and have to be manually checked at Jersey Airport which is time consuming and not very pleasant"  JG
Thank you for your comment. This suggestion will be passed onto the design team for consideration


"Love to see improvements to bus shelter. Can be cold, especially this time of year. Many bus stops now have next stop bus automatic times. Work stations/ Phone charging areas (fast charge) - This is something that is becoming more popular at airports and i hope jersey will be no exception to this"   BH
Thank you for your comment. This suggestion will be passed onto the design team for consideration


"Airport banner advertising generates a lot of revenue for Ports of Jersey so I know it's needed, but please can you consider a new approach for the redeveloped airport? It's such a shame at the minute to be arriving to the island greeted by finance company adverts on every single wall, obviously that's where the money is, but it makes everything look so untidy and not very welcoming. Other airports use digital signage which rotates between images or videos meaning the same amount of advertising can be shown in one location rather than lightboxes on every wall as you arrive in. I think I'd rather fewer, but larger adverts meaning more clean walls and a slightly less oppressive arrival to Jersey. Or maybe just a bit of variety with who you advertise, it would be nice to have some more "tourism-based" ads for things to do or just saying "Welcome to Jersey"    AW
The new terminal gives Ports of Jersey the opportunity to review its advertising strategy throughout the building and the various forms now available to us. There remains a strong demand for advertising at Jersey Airport and we remain open to anyone who would like to take up the opportunities for advertising space.   


"I hope that the new security area will have an X-ray machine so that people passing though who 'ping' do not have to be put through a body search. I understand there is a need for duty free shops, but please not like Gatwick south where you run the gauntlet to get though intact! Passengers who have disabilities, I hope that you will liaise with Eyecan and Autism Jersey, as lighting, colour of the walls, colour of signs etc. can make such a difference to those passengers who have problems"   AP
We have been working closely with a number of focus groups, in particular with those who require special assistance and their comments have been forwarded onto the design team


"Please ensure that there is a quiet area, as we now have on the upper floor of departures. Not everyone wants to sit surrounded by loud, gaudy shops"   DT 
Thank you for your feedback. This has already been considered as part of our final design and we have a number of seating areas planned for the airside lounge

"Use palm tree landscaping as shown in the concept images. Provide automated self-bag drop/check-in. Provide quicker security as per the 'Gatwick Set-up' and also use barcode entry gates. Consider use of travellators where distance is long. Provide warm enclosed bus waiting area (the current set-up is not a pleasant welcome on a cold wet day). Site any children's play area away from the main area to avoid disturbance to other passengers. Develop the airport as a hub for flights from Guernsey so that they connect through Jersey, bringing a wider choice of destinations for all. Provide a better airport website"       MH
Thank you for your feedback. Your comments have been passed to the design team for consideration

"Multi stores car park which I would hope would be large enough to allow parking linked to a bus transfer to St Helier, a so called park and ride. Correctly priced this will encourage many commuters to stop taking their cars to town!"     
Thank you for your feedback. Your comments have been passed to the design team for consideration


"As a fairly regular passenger for both business and pleasure I would really like to see a "quiet" area available to passengers who do not want to be bombarded to loud piped music and the activity around commercial outlets.  This is particularly awful if you are detained for any length of time because of delays.  I have always enjoyed being able to access the upper floor for that very reason.  A chemist outlet would also be welcome given the restrictions imposed on hand luggage passengers"   CL
This has been considered as part of our final design and we have a number of seating areas planned for the airside lounge. We are in discussion with a number of retailers for future provision of services


"A children's play soft play area is definitely needed after security. This needs to have seating area around it for parents to be able to base themselves in whilst watching their children. It would be beneficial to have a changing room for babies which also has a toilet in for those of us with potty training children. (This should be separate to the disabled toilet). It would also be beneficial to have a feeding room separate to the changing room"  SD
We are pleased to confirm that a Kids Play facility is being created in the airside departures lounge as part of the redevelopment programme 


"Could I suggest a viewing area for the public. This is something very much missed as you can only view the planes once past security. Stick a coffee shop there and people would stay."   RB
Thank you for your feedback. We have looked at various options to create a terrace that would provide both landside and airside access for viewing; at the moment the options presented are not easy to create and have a significant cost; we are trying to manage costs at the moment but since we know this is a highly desired feature we will continue to evaluate possibilities to deliver it.


"When you arrive in a car at the airport to depart Jersey on a wet day any one getting out of the right hand side of the car/taxi gets wet. Solution either extend roof overhang with material such as over Gama Aviation's entrance or reduce the width of the existing pavement or have a painted area of the existing pavement on which vehicles can mount when rain is falling."   RB
Thank you for your feedback. There would be a high cost involved in doing so as the structure would also have to be heavily reinforced to meet aviation security standards. Therefore, it does not form part of the existing plans. However, we are considering how future parking solutions and terminal access can improve this experience.


"Please make sure that there is an information desk within the arrivals area for visitors"   JB
A new customer relations facility will be created on the ground floor between the arrivals and departures to serve incoming and outgoing passengers as well as those dropping off and meeting travellers.


"Consider installing a sensory room for families to take their children to be calm before boarding the plane and out of sight from other passengers who unfortunately will stare or comment on their behaviour as this heightens everyone's anxiety/stress"         LJ
We had not originally considered a sensory room but following valuable input during our stakeholder sessions, we believe that as an island airport, it would be very beneficial for some of our travellers. Therefore, have included one in the design for the airside terminal space. Once the design has been developed further we will share more information


"Consider a multi-use space that could be used for receptions or meeting rooms. Consider an ostomate sink & shower in toilet area as some passengers may be travelling with a catheter bag and stomas. Consider installing a defibrillator inside the building to compliment the one already outside"       LB 
Thank you for your feedback. These suggestions will be passed onto our design team for consideration as part of the detailed plan


"I think it would be a great idea to have free text screens for the use of airlines, handling agents and airport administration, to expand on the small amount of information given on the departures screens. When there is a delay the most frustrating thing for passengers is lack of information. The airlines hide in this situation, as they do not want passengers to be able to contact them. If there was a medium for them to communicate fully it would help the passengers and show that the airline actually cares about their situation."   PP 
Thank you for your feedback. These suggestions will be passed onto our design team for consideration as part of the detailed plan


"As one of the areas under consideration is the moving of the security suite to a mezzanine floor in the departures area, having recently transferred through Changi Airport in Singapore, the security screening takes place at the departure gate for each flight.  This avoids the stress of having to queue en masse as is currently the system in Jersey (and the UK) and  only the people/hand luggage being screened belongs to those taking that  flight. Aircraft using Jersey Airport are much smaller than those using long haul through Changi so the numbers would not be large. As one has to currently queue at the departure gate to have a boarding pass and/or ID checked why not increase the facility to security screening also.  People may have to be called earlier for their flight but it would save a lot of time and stress as per the present system and make the process much smoother for all concerned."  VH
Thank you for your feedback. These suggestions will be passed onto our design team for consideration as part of the detailed plan


"I would like to see some form of  moving belt to put light luggage i.e. hand luggage on  which could be an alternative  to  lightweight trolleys. As this airport development is going to be new perhaps we could use some form of moving walkway to assist elderly and  other passengers in need of some help but not assistance."     MH
Thank you for your feedback.  These suggestions will be passed onto our design team for consideration as part of the detailed plan