Future Airport FAQs - generic

An essential part of this integrated airport passenger terminal project is to engage and communicate in an open and clear manner. With such a major project we all appreciate that we are likely to face some challenges, which we are confident with what we have achieved so far, have the capability to address and overcome

As the project progresses we will regularly update these web pages as and when significant information is known. We are also encouraging members of the public to submit their own ideas, comments, questions and concerns to a dedicated email, created specifically for matters relating to this development project. Please get in touch with us by emailing futureairport@ports.je

As of January 2020.


Q. When you launched the project you stated your interest in seeking views from the public. How successful has this been?
A. It was always our intention to actively seek views, feedback and suggestions both from interested groups, business partners as well as from those who work at the airport and members of the public. Ultimately, as many islanders will be seeking to use the airport in the years to come it was essential their views were taken into consideration. We organised a series of workshops with interested parties, including ones that focused on passengers with specific travel requirements. We received some valuable feedback and ideas at these workshops, as well as via our dedicated email address, futureairport@ports.je, which remains open throughout the build project. Overall, we are very pleased with the outcome to date and continue to welcome further feedback and questions.   

Q. Has a contractor been appointed?

A. Ports of Jersey has appointed Volkers Fitzpatrick as its main contractor to oversee construction of the integrated terminal, working alongside local company RoK. Volkers Fitzpatrick is one of the UK's leading engineering and construction companies with vast experience in carrying our major redevelopment projects. RoK is a local construction company, which has been involved in many high-profile projects in recent years, including College Gardens, the Police HQ and Les Quennevais School. The removal of the arrivals' building will be carried out by Jersey-based demolition specialists, DB Cummins.

Q. Remind me again, why do you have to remove the arrivals building? It has been there for over 80 years.
A. International safety standards have increased since 1937 when Jersey Airport began to operate and over the years with the subsequent introduction of larger aircraft and instrument landing systems for example, that are of great benefit to today's traveller, Jersey Airport has a tighter safety environment to deal with. For many years, aerodrome audit reports by the UK Civil Aviation Authority, have stated that the current building, as well as other obstacles that surround the airfield, are 'aviation hazards' as they penetrate the agreed safety areas, especially in periods of low and poor visibility and must be removed. Failure to comply would mean an increase in safety operating restrictions imposed on the airport, which in turn makes it a less attractive option for airlines and aircraft movement restrictions. Without question, this would have a detrimental knock-on effect on the Island's economy, as well as a vast number of air travellers. Over the past few years a number of these obstacles have already been removed and planning approval was granted in 2014 to remove the arrivals' terminal. Work is due to begin on its partial removal in spring 2020, with part of the building remaining to allow for a temporary arrivals' facility until such time as the integrated terminal build is complete.

Q. Is this project being funded by Government of Jersey – i.e. via the tax-payer?

A. No. All monies invested in projects and activities by Ports of Jersey are paid for using our own commercial returns and therefore not directly by the tax-payer. Our commercial returns include, for example, airport and harbour dues, car parking charges, rentals, advertising, etc.  

Q. Is any new technology being planned to enhance the passenger journey, such as automated bag drop?

A. Ports of Jersey has been in discussion with its airline partners and many specialist bag-drop suppliers to identify appropriate equipment and its compatibility with their operational systems. It is highly likely that this new bag-drop facility will be introduced as part of the redevelopment programme.  

Q. What provision will there be for passengers who require some form of special assistance?

A. We put in place a dedicated Special Assistance desk in 2018, which has been well received and the new terminal gives us the opportunity to develop this important service further. We are considering options for 'call points' in the new forecourt area, use of lanyards, which are used in many other airports, the Special Assistance Desk will remain, an improved security process, a designated waiting area in the new seating area and we are also installing a sensory room to support passengers who need this type of facility to improve their journey through the airport.

Q. What environmentally enhanced features will be introduced at Jersey Airport as part of the redevelopment programme?

A. In terms of the environment, we are considering numerous technology advancements to make the building efficient; such as LED lighting, replacement of the oil-fired boilers with new electric heating and ventilation systems, use of photovoltaic cells on the terminal roof to provide hot water heating, as well as improved insulation to improve thermal efficiency of the building.

Q. Mention has been made of natural light coming into the new terminal. What measures will be taken to prevent reflection blinding pilots?

A. The original glass panels in the roof, installed as part of the 1997 construction of the departures' terminal, were subsequently painted over due to both the solar gain into the building and the glare for pilots and air traffic control. Fortunately, glazing has become more advanced since the building's original construction and we are looking at a material that will allow natural light into the building while protecting this glare and solar gain.

Q. What will the new airport development do in terms of future sustainability? Will we, for example, see the roof areas covered in vast solar panels? 
A.  We are looking at a range of options for environmental sustainability, including (but not limited to) putting photovoltaic cells on roof areas, rainwater harvesting, waterless urinals, use of natural lighting as much as possible and the use of LED lighting where required. 

Q. Will you be creating air bridges to protect passengers during periods of poor weather conditions?

A. Through our consultation and engagement process with our airline customers, this is something they are not in favour of for many reasons, including the significant financial cost and the fact that, as airlines require a quick turn-around at Jersey Airport, the process of air bridges can delay both the embarkation and disembarkation of air passengers. Therefore, at this stage we are not pursuing air bridges, but are continuing to consider the options available in providing improved access to/from the aircraft during periods of inclement weather.   

Q. Will you be installing security 'fast track' options as there are at other airports?

A. The design and layout of the new security search facility on the first floor is significantly larger than our current area. Significant changes to the existing security process and layout have already been successful and our monitoring of this has shown that queueing time is significantly quicker and smoother than previously. Our focus has been on improving the overall security process, but we remain open to exploring opportunities should there be a demand for a paid for fast-track option in the future.  

Q. Are you planning to improve the heating and air conditioning in the passenger piers?

A. Yes. Part of the construction of the two-storey passenger pier will see an enhancement of passenger comfort, including appropriate heating and air conditioning.   

Q. With a larger airside departures lounge planned than the current facility, does this mean an increase in size and range of retail and catering facilities than the current offering? If so, can you give an indication of what type of offerings do you have planned?

A. The new terminal area brings an opportunity for our existing concessions to grow and offer new services and products and planned into the design is the ability to add new concessions. The offerings are not restricted, although Ports of Jersey would prefer to see proposals that complement the demographic and enhance the passenger's journey experience.

Q. Will there be a dedicated smoking area airside for passengers?

A. We explored the options available in creating an airside smoking area, including specially designed smoking booths as used in some other airports.  Due to the Jersey Smoking Law we are unable to create any interior booths but dedicated smoking areas will be created outside of the terminal building in the landside public area.     

Q. Will a viewing terrace be created for the non-travelling public?
A. We explored numerous options with a view to creating a terrace that would provide both landside and airside access for viewing. Unfortunately, the options presented were not easy to create and were at significant costs. However, we recognise this is a highly desired feature so will evaluate possibilities to deliver it in the future.  

Q. Will you create a children's play area for travelling passengers in the airside area, especially useful if flights are delayed?

A. Yes. A children's play zone has been included in the design of the new airside departures lounge.  

Q. Will you consider creating a new restaurant open for people who aren't travelling, very similar to the facility that was in the existing arrivals' terminal?

A.  We did consider replicating something very similar to the former Aviator Restaurant (which ceased trading in 2009) in our development. Unfortunately, we were unable to identify a viable option and therefore, it doesn't form part of our redevelopment programme. However, we have incorporated an enhanced food and beverage offering, which will be located 'landside' on the ground floor, serving both arriving and departing passengers, as well as non-travellers.

Q. Are there plans to decrease the volume of advertising in the new facilities or at least allow for an increase in non-financial related advertisers, as well as an increase of Jersey images to promote the fact that Jersey is a visitor friendly destination?

A. The new terminal gives Ports of Jersey the opportunity to review its advertising strategy throughout the building and the various forms now available to us. There remains a strong demand for advertising at Jersey Airport and we remain open to anyone who would like to take up the opportunities for advertising space. Our future design will see more 'Jerseyfication' of the airport, celebrating and recognising local culture and community.   

Q. Will there be a Customer Relations/Information Desk in the new building that, in particular, will assist arriving passengers?
A. Yes. A new customer relations facility will be created on the ground floor between the arrivals and departures, to serve incoming and outgoing passengers as well as those dropping off and meeting travellers.

Q. Will you introduce any VIP lounges or just the existing BA Executive Airline Lounge? If so, where will they be located?

A. We are currently looking at the opportunities available to us. There remains a positive demand from customers and airlines for VIP lounges, so this type of facility has been included in the final design plans.

Q. Do you have any plans to introduce any car parking deals? If so, when are we likely to see them?

A. With our enhanced technology in place, we now have the ability to create different offers and will be looking to implement these in the future. With the creation of a new airport forecourt and road realignment we will be offering a 15-20 minutes 'free stay' in the car park to allow drivers to drop off and collect passengers.  

Q. Are there plans to introduce a new colour scheme at Jersey Airport as part of the redevelopment programme?

A. Ports of Jersey brand will remain unchanged. However, the new terminal will provide the opportunity to create the 'Spirit of Jersey' and a less 'corporate' atmosphere with a range of materials and colours currently being considered. 

Q. In essence, you are creating a 'new' building. Therefore, does that mean the integrated terminal will have a new name?

A. We do not have any firm ideas of this at present and are open to suggestions

Q. Will you be installing any public art as part of the redevelopment plans

A. Yes. This is something that we wish to incorporate into the redesign of both the interior and exterior locations.  

Q. Are passengers likely to experience disruption due to the planned building work?

A. It is inevitable that a major project such as this will cause some inconvenience to airport users and passengers. However, it is our aim to minimise disruption as much as possible and we will actively engage with businesses and interested parties throughout the process to update on major works processes.

Q. When is the overall project due to be completed?

A. Please refer to our timelines page for a breakdown of proposed works' schedules. However, we expect the integrated terminal to be fully functional by summer 2022.