Timeline for the Future Airport Project

Enabling Works – scheduled start January 2020 & due completion March 2020

  • Installation of temporary accommodation for on-site business partners on old cargo centre site;
  • Realignment of part of the existing arrivals building, which will be retained during the redevelopment programme to be used as a temporary arrivals' facility;
  • Usual facilities, including seating, display screens and parking pay machines to relocate to temporary arrivals' facility. Due to available space, the children's play area will be removed and relocated to the new integrated terminal in due course. Likewise, the café, which currently sits in the area designated for removal will be replaced with a 'pop up' facility;
  • Car rental operators will temporarily relocate to the Departures Terminal until such time as the new car rental centre is constructed as part of the forecourt development;
  • Arriving passengers will initially continue to use the existing airside passenger piers and baggage reclaim although the exit into the 'meet and greet' area will be by a different door than currently used;
  • Taxi and bus pick ups will remain in their existing locations.

Part removal of existing Arrivals' Terminal – scheduled start April 2020 & due completion August 2020

  • The partial removal of the arrivals' terminal will be undertaken to allow creation of a contractor compound and ease of access to the passenger pier construction site

Phase One – scheduled to start in spring 2020 and due for completion by end of 2020

  • The existing passenger pier and gate lounges will be removed and replaced with a new two-storey pier, which will eventually accommodate separate arriving and departing passengers;
  • Passengers will be rerouted through temporary corridors to board and disembark aircraft;
  • The BA Lounge in the passenger pier will be temporarily relocated to an enclosed private area in the first-floor viewing lounge;
  • During this works phase, existing airside facilities in the departures area – i.e. Duty Free, retail and food outlets will remain unchanged.

Phase Two – scheduled to start in November 2020 and due for completion September 2021 indicative

  • Enabling works start late 2020
  • Demolition of remaining passenger pier and gate lounges with construction of remaining two-storey pier.


Phase Three – scheduled to start March 2021 and due for completion October 2021 indicative

  • Concurrent with Phase Two of the project;
  • Creation and fit out of new mezzanine floor above existing departures' terminal to accommodate new facilities, including an enlarged central security search and airside passenger lounges with retail and catering outlets

Phase Four – scheduled to start November 2021 and due for completion summer 2022

  • Fit out of new arrivals facility on ground floor of the integrated terminal

Phase Five – scheduled to start summer 2022 and due for completion end of 2022

  • Removal of the remaining part of the temporary arrivals' terminal