​See below key dates for the future airport project

Key Dates


October 2011 – July 2012

Demolition of top two floors of arrivals terminal

February 2014

Planning permission given for the removal of airport arrivals terminal

July 2016

Jersey Airport Master Plan publicly launched

March 2017

Integrated Terminal concept developed

August 2017

Corgan Peer Review confirms Integrated Terminal approach as best solution for Jersey

October 2017

PoJ Board Endorse Integrated Terminal

November 2017

Detailed design phase commences and public launch of Integrated Terminal

December 2017

Planning Application to be submitted for Integrated Terminal

April 2018

Planning Approval granted

November 2018

Phase 1 start on site

December 2019

Phase 1 complete and transfer Departures upstairs

January 2020

Phase 2 start on site

December 2020

Phase 2 complete and transfer Arrivals to ground floor

Mid  2021

Complete removal of old Arrivals facilities