Airport’s new Instrument Landing System in service

From Jersey Airport
26th May 2023

Jersey Airport’s new Instrument Landing Systems (ILS) for runway 26 has now been successfully installed and approved for entering service. Work on the new system began in March and has been completed to schedule.

The ILS is an airport approach navigation aid which helps pilots land their aircraft safely by transmitting guidance signals on their approach to the runway. The ILS for runway 26, which serves planes arriving from the east of the Island, had reached the end of its useful life and a replacement system has now been installed.

Before entering operational service, the new system underwent extensive commissioning and setup by the manufacturer’s specialist engineers alongside Ports of Jersey’s Air Traffic Engineers, who also undertook training to maintain the system.  Once commissioned, the ILS was flight-checked by an approved flight calibration service to ensure it meets all regulations and operational requirements.  Successful flight check certificates were awarded, and the system has been approved for operational use by Jersey’s Director of Civil Aviation.

Head of Air Navigation Services, Paul Strudwick, said: “The work on the new ILS has gone smoothly and I am glad to see it has now been approved for service. It will ensure that we can continue to offer a reliable ground-based navigation service, providing guidance to aircraft in poor visibility in the same way as the previous system.”

The ILS for runway 08, serving planes arriving from the west, is not yet due to be replaced. Some of the spares from the old ILS are being kept for use until it is due for updating or is superseded by newer technology.

Jersey Airport