Appeal to organisers of firework displays

From Jersey Airport
2nd November 2022

Ports of Jersey is asking anyone who is planning a firework display to let Air Traffic Control (ATC) know about it, especially if it’s going to be near the airport or on the flight approach.

Firework displays can distract and confuse aircrews and damage aircraft flying nearby, so ATC is asking anyone planning to hold a display, whether it’s a small-scale display in the garden, or a large public one, to let Air Traffic Services know of their plans by submitting an External Events form.

Displays arranged in the yellow areas on the below map are considered higher risk – if they are within 3 nautical miles of Jersey Airport, along the extended runway centreline or if fireworks are expected to reach more than 400ft (120m).

The Head of Air Navigation Services, Richard Mayne, said: “We realise that people want to enjoy their firework displays this weekend, and we don’t want to prevent that. It’s just useful for us to know where events are being planned so we can maintain the safety of our air crews. If you’re not sure about your event, please get in touch so that everyone can enjoy the fireworks while also ensuring that those flying through the skies can do so safely.”

The External Events form is available online.

Jersey Airport