Ground condition study on site of former Air Cargo Centre

From Jersey Airport
24th June 2021

A team from local civil engineering company, Geomarine will be undertaking some exploratory ground works on behalf of Ports of Jersey on the former Air Cargo Centre adjacent to Jersey Airport as from next Monday 28 June 2021.

The works will be an environmental ground condition study of the former building, which was demolished in 2016 following the construction of a new air cargo facility. The vacant site is currently being used as a C-19 testing centre.

In order not to impact on the testing centre, the work is being carried out over four evenings between 6pm and 3am.  The contractors will be installing noise barrier screens around the site, designed to absorb sound and will be using a Dynamic Cone Penetrometer (DCP); a tool specifically used for evaluating the strength of the soil on the site along with the thickness and location of any subsurface soil layers.

Operations at Jersey Airport will not be impacted by the works programme.


Jersey Airport