Jersey Airport prepares for the festive get-away

From Jersey Airport
16th December 2019

​With just over 34,500 commercial air passengers expected to travel in and out of Jersey Airport in the five days leading up to Christmas Day, Ports of Jersey is issuing its annual guidance for festive flyers.

Wrapped presents must be put into checked-in luggage. Any gifts in hand baggage must remain unwrapped as they will be subject to a physical search. Similarly, ‘liquid’ items, including perfumes, pastes, gels, jams, preserves (e.g. ‘Black Butter’), dairy products, lotions and snow globes must be carried as part of checked-in luggage. Only items carried in containers that measure less than 100ml will be permitted in hand-luggage, but must be placed in a single, clear re-sealable bag and presented at central security search, where they will be subject to a liquid testing process.

Air passengers should contact their airline directly before travelling should they have any concerns over what type of goods they are permitted to carry on board an aircraft; in particular, the carriage of Christmas Crackers as airline policies can differ. No home-made crackers, ‘Party Poppers’ or any other types of explosive devices are permitted to be carried in the cabin or in the baggage hold by any airline.

It is also recommended that passengers check their airline’s weight allowance for check-in baggage and the size requirements for any hand-luggage, to avoid additional charges.

Passengers should allow extra time for their journey through the airport, especially those who have to check-in luggage. Whilst enhanced technology allows Ports of Jersey to track travel peaks in the check-in and security search areas, ensuring sufficient resources and services are available, passengers are reminded it is their responsibility to ensure they arrive at their departure gate on time. Failure to do so will result in them being refused boarding.

Air passengers who may need special assistance, for example those with mobility difficulties or people with hidden disabilities, such as autism or dementia, must notify their airline at least 48 hours prior to travelling to allow them enough time to make arrangements and ensure specific requirements are met. Failure to do so may result in services not being available. Ports of Jersey’s ‘Hidden Disability’ pin and lanyard scheme alerts staff at the Airport that passengers may need additional time or consideration. The lanyards and pins can be collected, at no charge, from the Special Assistance Desk in the Departures Terminal.

Technology can also help air passengers stay well informed about their flight. BizTweet offers passengers relevant, personalised flight information at key moments of their journey. Passengers can simply click on the Twitter logo next to the flight information on the Jersey Airports website, which will trigger a ‘tweet’ to the @JerFlights Twitter account. They will then receive tweets with up to date details of their flight, gate number and arrival/departure time. The service can only be used for same day travel. Many airlines also have Apps, providing updates to passengers on their flight status and boarding information.

“We issue this timely seasonal advice to passengers as a guide to help make their journey through Jersey Airport as smooth and stress-free as possible,” says Passengers Services Manager for Ports of Jersey, Maria Le Tiec. “Although most air passengers, especially frequent travellers, are fully aware of the restrictions that remain in place and take appropriate measures, it is worth reminding everyone of these festive dos and don’ts. With a high volume of passengers expected in the lead up to Christmas, travellers should be prepared and allow sufficient time for checking in hold luggage and clearing central security.”

In summary, Ports of Jersey is reminding air passengers of the following:

  • All presents carried in hand luggage must remain unwrapped as they are subject to a security search
  • Any ‘liquids’ carried in hand luggage must be in containers that measure less than 100ml or the goods will be confiscated
  • Contact your airline if you are considering carrying Christmas Crackers to receive approval, as airline policies can differ
  • Special assistance at the Airport and/or on board the aircraft must be booked at least 48 hours in advance directly with your airline
  • Please allow plenty of time for checking-in – do not leave it until the last moment. Failure to arrive at your departure gate on time will result in you being refused boarding
  • BizTweet and airline Apps are simple ways to keep you updated on the status of your flight.
    Further helpful advice for air travellers can be found online.
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