Jersey Airport replaces Instrument Landing System

From Jersey Airport
3rd October 2022

One of Jersey Airport’s Instrument Landing Systems (ILS) is being replaced next year, as the existing system is reaching the end of its useful life.

The ILS is an airport approach navigation aid which helps pilots land their aircraft safely by transmitting guidance signals on their approach to the runway. The systems are designed to last 12-15 years and the current system has been in place for 19 years.

The project will replace the ILS for runway 26, which serves planes arriving from the east of the Island. It is currently at the production stage after several site visits and company selection, before the new system can be installed. After essential safety checks, the new ILS is due to be commissioned in March/April 2023.

Head of Air Navigation Services, Richard Mayne, said: “This is routine replacement of a system which is well beyond its original design life. The ILS is used by most aircraft and is of particular importance in poor weather, as it allows aircraft to land in visibility as low as 450 metres, depending on the aircraft type. This is critically important for island connectivity during periods of fog.”

The ILS for runway 08, serving planes arriving from the west, is not yet due to be replaced. Some of the spares from the system that is being replaced will be kept for use on this ILS until it is due for updating or is superseded by newer technology.

The work to replace the ILS on runway 26 will take up to six weeks, and during that time, when the wind does not allow the use of runway 08, pilots will land using primarily visual or LPV 200 Satellite based approaches.

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