New airport security system goes live today

From Jersey Airport
26th July 2023

The new security equipment at Jersey Airport will come into use at 10am today (Wednesday 26 July). This is part of a £3 million project to enhance air passengers’ experience by improving customer facilities and upgrading security technology.

From today, the maximum volume of any individual container being carried airside has increased to 2 litres. There is no upper limit on the number of containers.

Electronic devices can be scanned while remaining in passengers’ hand luggage. However, passengers intending to travel through other airports to reach their destination will need to check the requirements at those airports, as not all airports have yet installed the new equipment.

Work to install new cabin baggage screening equipment in Jersey began earlier this year to meet the deadline for introducing the new systems. Since then, two new machines have been installed and staff training has been rolled out.

Head of Security, Maria Le Tiec, said: “We are pleased to have installed two of the three X-ray machines in time for the airport’s peak summer period. Work will continue to install the remaining X-ray machine, which should go live mid-August. Full body scanners are scheduled for introduction by October 2023.

“We will be erecting signage to guide passengers through the new layout and will issue further updates as the work progresses.”

The UK and Channel Islands already have a robust aviation security system, and new technology being rolled out at UK airports will enhance screening of passengers and hand luggage. Most airports, but not all, will install screening technology which will allow passengers to leave electrical items such as tablets, laptops and liquids in their cabin baggage.

Passengers should follow the below guidance to ease their journey through Security:

  • Laptops, tablets and or other electronic devices are permitted to remain in hand luggage for screening. Please note that if you have more than one electrical device, you are advised to remove the other device(s) and place them in a separate tray.
  • There will be occasions when hand luggage is subjected to further screening as per Security regulations.
  • Passengers can now carry liquids, aerosols, and gels in larger containers through airport security in their hand baggage – up to a maximum volume of 2 litres per container. All liquid containers must be closed (i.e a take-away coffee cup is not permitted).
  • Airports have until June 2024 to upgrade their screening equipment and processes. Until then, passengers should check what the arrangements at both the departing airport and any other airports you will travel through before setting off.
  • All other security rules on prohibited items remain unchanged.
  • Always follow the security officer’s instructions.
Jersey Airport