Corporate Social Responsibility

Ports’ Planet and People Plan

Ports of Jersey exists to serve our community and the economy that supports it. We have a responsibility to the environment, to our community, to our customers, to our partners and to our employees. We believe that the best way we can help build the future that Jersey deserves is by taking a leading role in developing a sustainable future for our Island and tackling the challenges this brings head on. 

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) plays an important role in many aspects of our activities. We go beyond providing the lifeline services of moving people and freight in and out of Jersey. As a major Channel Island business, we hold a prominent position in our community and are committed to making a positive difference in Island life.

Community and social

We are a business that takes an interest in the wider social issues here on the Island.  Our CSR programme has come a long way since we started it in 2015. It allows us to make a positive impact within our community, while empowering and encouraging our own staff.

We have a wide range of initiatives, demonstrating our commitment and support to our community. These initiatives include

  • broadening the horizons of young islanders with educational visits
  • encouraging our staff to get involved with local events and community initiatives
  • sponsorship of events across the island, both financially and in kind
  • working alongside local charities, particularly our chosen charity partners, to provide services to Jersey residents at times when they most need them.

Environment and sustainability

We recently launched our Ports’ Planet and People Plan, outlining our sustainability strategy.

Watch this video in which our colleagues talk about our plans and what we’ve already done to tackle climate change.