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Jersey Aerodrome Manual v6.1

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Jersey Airport remote holding of aircraft

Minimise aircraft noise and air pollution

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Strong wind and adverse weather procedure

Terms for credit facilities at Jersey Airport

Airside driving permits

 Airside driving permit scheme

 Appendix A – Lost on the airfield

 Appendix B – Free ranging

 Appendix D – Radiotelephony

 Appendix E – Radio failure

 Appendix F – Apron driving permit

 Appendix G – Staff members form

Airside vehicle permits

 Airside vehicle permit scheme

Appendix A – Mounted lifting equipment

 Appendix B – Vehicles over 15 seats

 Appendix C – Vehicles over 3.5 tonnes

 Appendix D – Vehicles under 3.5 tonnes

 Appendix E – Mounted sweepers, gritters

 Appendix F – Trailers

 Appendix G – Authorised signatories

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