Airport car parking to be updated

From Jersey Airport
22nd February 2023

Parking spaces at Jersey Airport are being reconfigured to accommodate the increasing number of passengers who have been using the facilities since parking promotions were introduced last year. By relocating hire cars and providing overflow spaces in the staff car park, an extra 120 spaces will be made available.

Work starts this week to make several changes which are necessary to increase the number of spaces and to update the payment system.

By the end of May there will be extra entrance/exit points for both the Arrivals and long stay car parks, which will allow motorists a faster departure during busy periods. The staff car park will be available for use by passengers when the long stay car park is full, and hire cars will be relocated to a new area in the staff car park to free up more spaces for passengers.

A premium parking area has recently been launched in the short stay car park. Its spaces are wider and closer to the Arrivals building, and cost £25 per day.

Later in the year a new online system will be introduced, which will allow pre-booking and payment. This will also enable Ports of Jersey to discount parking for people who book in advance, and will guarantee a space for those who pre-book.

Innovation Manager, Marc Clayson, said: “We are pleased that our parking offers have proved popular and we have noted that on occasion there are not enough spaces to satisfy demand, so we are reconfiguring the spaces we have, to allow more of our passengers to park their cars at the airport when they travel. The new payment method will enable us to offer off-peak fees, and discounts for pre-booking, which we hope will better serve our customers.”

A spring parking promotion will be launched soon and will remain in place until the online system goes live.

Jersey Airport