Airport fire hoses get a new lease of life – at the harbour

From Jersey Airport
21st September 2023

The airport fire service has donated several old fire hoses to harbour colleagues to be repurposed to protect tanker mooring lines.

Firefighter, Baillie Gaudin, handed over the failed hoses to Marine Operations Manager, Fleur Moisan for use at the tanker berth. The hoses will be used to sheath the tanker mooring lines to prevent chafing and to extend the working life of the lines.

Head of Sustainability and CSR, Sophie Roffe said: “Waste and circularity is one of the pillars of the Ports’ Planet and People Plan.

“We need to reduce the amount of waste we generate as an organisation, to minimise our impact on the environment and conserve valuable resources. Even small actions like this in our everyday roles, where we reuse what we already have, not only saves us money, but also stops us from using energy for recycling and incineration and preserves what we have for future generations.”

The hoses will be put in place when the tanker mooring lines are next refitted.

Jersey Airport