Redesign for Airport customer services

From Jersey Airport
12th February 2024

Ports of Jersey has redesigned customer services at the Airport to focus on its core objectives of providing faster, easier, and friendlier travel experiences for all its passengers.  An Airport Operations Centre is being created, bringing together all the people who manage day-to-day operations into one, central base where up-to-date information will be shared in real time. This will enable more effective teamworking and collaboration across all the key operators at the Airport, to improve the passenger experience.

These improvements will include a visible and mobile Customer Experience team, on duty throughout the Airport, to assist passengers on their journey through the terminal to the departure gates.  It will also necessitate the closure of the sub-post office. However, the post box will remain in place for passengers to drop off cards and letters before making their way to Security.

Deputy Airport Director, Ashley Maggs, said: “Airport Operations Centres are the norm for the best-run airports in the world, and this will replicate what we already have in the Maritime Operations Centre for our harbour operations.  It will transform the management of our daily operations and enable us to deliver a much better experience for our customers.

“As part of this work we have redesigned customer services and are changing how we look after our passengers. Resources are being focused on the airport’s core activities to ensure smooth journeys through the airport for all our passengers, especially our most vulnerable customers.”

Managing Director, Postal & Logistics, at Jersey Post, Julie Thomas, said: “We have had a close working relationship with Jersey Airport for more than 20 years, and are disappointed that the branch is closing. But we understand that it is part of a larger internal, restructuring process. We are acutely aware of the important role our post office network plays in the local community, and we commit to continue working with the Airport team in case of any future opportunity to reintroduce some form of service.

“In the meantime, foreign currency is available through our website, and in our branches at Broad Street (20 currencies) and at Rue des Pres (EUR and USD). Our western branches in St Peter and St Brelade remain open for postal services in the Airport vicinity. We would like to thank the Airport for the service they have given to Jersey Post customers over such a long period of time.”

The Airport post office will close at 7pm on Sunday 24 March. There are two post offices near the airport – in St Brelade and St Peter. The facility to exchange Jersey notes for UK sterling will also cease, however UK sterling is available from the cashpoint machine after going through Security.

Jersey Airport