Application to dismantle former hangar

From Jersey Airport
7th November 2023

Ports of Jersey has submitted a planning application to dismantle a redundant hangar which is used to store engineering equipment and to maintain equipment.

The building was constructed in 1958 and is now used primarily for storage. It has not housed aircraft for 25 years and there have been recent examples of its external cladding becoming dislodged in high winds.

Regular monitoring of the building has shown that it is no longer adequate for its current use, so a planning application to dismantle the building has been submitted.

Inspections of the structure since 1999 indicate that although the structure does not pose an immediate risk, it is no longer possible to remedy its defects, and dismantling is the best option.

There have also been issues with the asbestos cladding panels, the original rubber washers used in the method of fixing have perished and no longer provide the required support and do not permit movement in the brittle cladding panels. High winds have dislodged a number of these panels, causing a risk to aircraft and people who may be in the area.

Due to the risk to panels during high winds, and the integrity of the hangar structure, the decision has been made by Ports of Jersey to apply for permission to remove it.

Ports of Jersey’s CEO, Matt Thomas, said: “We understand that this building has been in place for more than 70 years and will be recognised by many islanders because of its prominent position near the Arrivals hall. It will always be part of the airport’s operational history. But to support the services needed for a modern airport, this end-of-life building needs to be replaced by a purpose-designed facility which meets today’s requirements.”

Airport Director, Robin MacRae, said: “This building has served the island well for many years, more recently as a storage facility, but it is now beyond cost-effective repair and needs to be replaced. The site of the former hangar will be incorporated into the airport’s master planning process.”

A temporary parking compound would be provided to allow contractors to safely dismantle the building and to provide alternative parking for displaced staff. The application also incorporates a small extension to the Arrivals car park.

Jersey Airport