New road-safety measures at the airport

From Jersey Airport
22nd August 2023

Ports of Jersey has introduced new road-safety measures at the airport to protect passengers when they are moving around the site.

The speed limit between the roundabout and the terminals has been reduced from 20mph to 15mph; speed bumps have been installed near pedestrian crossings to protect people crossing the roads; and new lights are being added to existing Belisha beacons to ensure motorists are aware of pedestrian crossings.

These measures are being introduced to ensure the safety of everyone who uses the airport, especially pedestrians and cyclists who are the more vulnerable road users.

The airport’s Head of Security, Maria Le Tiec, said: “We have seen some worrying driving around the airport site, and we want to ensure the safety of all our passengers, so we have introduced several new measures to ensure people can make their way safely from the car parks, bicycle parks and bus stops to the terminals.

“We have erected new signage to make people aware of the changes, and staff will be available to remind motorists of the new regulations. We want everyone to enjoy a pleasant journey through the airport and these measures will help to ensure our road network is safe for all.”

Islanders are also reminded that the area outside Departures should only be used to drop passengers off. Anyone waiting for arriving passengers should use the Arrivals car park which is £1 per half hour, or the Long Stay car park, which is free for the first 30 minutes and 90p per hour after that. There are designated parking spaces for disabled badge holders in both car parks and passengers with reduced mobility are welcome to book special assistance.

You can pay using a card or phone when exiting both car parks, so there is no need to use payment machines.

There is also a designated bicycle rack in the Car Rental parking area, and further bicycle parking is planned in the near future.

Jersey Airport